Wellbeing Award for Schools

We are very pleased to announce that Oakfield Infant and Junior Schools Federation has been awarded the Wellbeing Award for Schools for a period of three years.

The schools were visited by an external verifier on Thursday 4th April.
Our verifier stated;

The written evidence was presented in an exemplary fashion in three large ring-binders which made the task of the verifier very easy. The oral evidence from staff, pupils, governors and parents was even more impressive as they described their experience of school and how their emotional wellbeing was constantly championed by the schools. This was confirmed again by a tour of the schools and most of the classrooms.

Strengths identified during verification:


There are a number of extremely impressive strengths:

  1. The relationships between staff which are both highly professional and very friendly, the relationships between the pupils and their easy, confident and open disposition, the relationship between the schools and the parents which is both appreciative and trusting, and the commitment and understanding of the governors.
  2. The size, and the imaginative use made, of the outside areas.
  3. The very clear commitment throughout the schools to emotional wellbeing and good mental health, from the wording of the new vision to its inclusion in policies, from the many excellent displays around school relating to the promotion of emotional wellbeing and good mental health, and from the introduction of a new PSHCE programme.


The schools were already very committed to the promotion and protection of emotional wellbeing and mental health, but the Award has enabled them to give it a bigger and sharper focus.
It has also enabled the schools to better understand their pupils, and better consider the needs of the staff and parents.

Next Steps:

The Federation will continue to build upon the strengths identified and we hope to continue with regular termly meetings of the Change Team, utilising it to take forward next steps and to provide an open forum for discussions with parents, staff and other stakeholders.
The next meeting of the Change Team is scheduled for Wednesday 20th June at 2.15 at Oakfield Infant School. If you would like to get involved and contribute suggestions to this valuable work, please feel welcome to join us.



Executive Head Teacher: Mrs J Jacques
Head of Infant School: Mrs C Ackerley
Head of Junior School: Mr M Thompson

Infant School
0191 487 0354
SENCo: Mrs Ackerley
Admin Officer: Mrs Gair

Junior School
Tel: 0191 433 4086
SENCo: Mrs Simpson
Admin Officer: Mrs Routledge

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