Governing Body

Governing Body – Pecuniary Interests

Link Governors Spring Term, 2019

Area Link Governor Staff Member
Literacy Mrs Taylor Miss Hartness (OIS)
Mrs Simpson (OJS)
Mathematics Mrs Souter Mrs Walton (OIS)
Mrs Davidson (OJS)
Science Mrs Shipley Mr Walker (OIS)
Mrs Brown (OJS)
IT Mr Milne Mrs McCormack (OJS)
Miss Michell/Mrs Brown (OIS)
Website Mr Milne Miss Michell/Mrs Brown (OIS)
Mrs McCormack (OJS)
Mr Renwick (OJS)
PE Mrs Walker Miss NcNall/Mrs Brown (OIS)
Mr Clayton (OJS)
History  Mrs Taylor  Miss Hudson (OIS)
Mr Clayton (OJS)
Geography Mrs Mason  Mrs Walton (OIS)
Miss Armstrong (OJS)
Forest School Mrs Mason Mrs Walton (OIS)
Mrs McNall (OJS)
RE Mrs Souter Miss Michell (OIS)
Mr Renwick (OJS)
Music Mrs Shipley Mr Walker (OIS)
Mrs Brown (OJS)
Art Ms Jones Miss Hudson (OIS)
Mrs McNall (OJS) 
Design Technology Mrs McKenna Miss Hudson (OIS)
Mr Thompson (OJS)
MFL Mrs Walker Mr Walker (OIS)
Mrs McNall (OJS)
Mr Renwick (OJS)
PSHE/Citizenship Mr Milne Mrs Cassin (OIS)
Mrs Taylor (OJS)
SEN Mrs Souter Mrs Ackerley/Mrs Jacques (OIS)
Gifted and Talented Mrs Souter Mrs Ackerley/Mrs Jacques (OIS)
Mrs Davidson/Mrs Jacques (OJS)
Eco-School/Fair Trade Mr Milne Mrs Brown (OIS)
Mrs McNall (OJS)
Safeguarding /Pupil Safety Mr Milne Mrs Jacques/Mrs Ackerley (OIS)
Mrs Jacques/Mr Thompson (OJS)
Equality Policy Curriculum and Standards  Mrs Jacques/Mrs Ackerley (OIS)
Committee Mrs Jacques/Mr Thompson (OJS)
Early Years  Mrs Simpson Miss Hartness (OIS)
Assessment Curriculum and Standards Miss Hartness (OIS)
Mr Thompson (OJS)
Mrs Jacques (OIS) (OJS)
Committee Mrs Ackerley (OIS)
Outdoor Development Resources Committee
External Services Resources Committee
Curriculum Overview Curriculum and Standards Committee
Quality of Teaching Part of Appraisal/Performance Management
Health and Safety Resources Committee






Executive Head Teacher: Mrs J Jacques
Head of Infant School: Mrs C Ackerley
Head of Junior School: Mr M Thompson

Infant School
0191 487 0354
SENCo: Mrs Ackerley
Admin Officer: Mrs Gair

Junior School
Tel: 0191 433 4086
SENCo: Mrs Simpson
Admin Officer: Mrs Routledge

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