Year 3


St Mary’s Heritage Centre

Today, Year 3 went to St Mary's Heritage Centre for our local area educational visit. We met Simon Green, a local historian, who told us the story of The Great Fire of Gateshead. We walked around the quayside looking at how and why the fire spread so quickly. We also...

DT Week

Today we have been accurately measuring our straws ready to make our structures in tomorrow's lesson.

Religion in our local area

As part of our RE and local history topics, Years 3 & 4 were fortunate to be visited by Michael Glickman this morning, a local leader from Gateshead’s Jewish community. We looked at the different religious communities living in the Coatsworth Road area before...

Adding with Renaming

In Maths we have started our addition and subtraction unit of work. Today, we looked at adding with renaming. We used the base 10 equipment to show how 10 Ones can be renamed as 1 Ten.

DT Week

In DT today we have looked at how to join materials and to strengthen a structure. We explored this idea by trying to make a cube or pyramid.

Expanded Noun Phrase Bingo!

In English we have been trying to improve our vocabulary choices. We played a game of bingo and orally rehearsed our descriptive sentences using expanded noun phrases.


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