Year 3


Flower Dissection

This afternoon, we have been looking at the parts of a flowering plant. In our books we sketched our flower and labelled both the male and female parts.

Colourful Celery

In Science, we were looking at how plants transport water. We tried to prove that the stem is the part of the plant that transports water around it. We used a stick of celery and we put it in some coloured water. Two days later, we observed the inside of the celery...

Roman Invasion Comic

In Creative Curriculum, we have been learning about the first Roman Invasion. In Computing, we used Comic Touch to create the front cover of a comic explaining the key facts about the first Roman Invasion. We had lots of fun using this app - we used the filters to...

Flower Power Dancing

In PE we have been creating dances linked to our Science topic of plants. We tried to choreograph a dance which shows what plants need in order to grow.

Equivalent Fractions

This week in Maths we have been looking at equivalent fractions. We have been making our own fraction walls and using the cuisenaire rods to compare fractions and find equivalences.

Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Today we challenged ourselves to a matching game. We needed to add and subtract fractions to find the correct order for the pyramid matching game. We are very good at fraction work and enjoyed this activity lots.


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