Year 3


3D Shape Exploration

Today we have been describing 3D shapes using vertices, edges and faces. We also used straws and play doh to construct our own 3D shapes. We investigated what shape could be made with 6 balls of play doh and 9 straws. Do you know what this makes?

Roman Day

In Year 3, we had lots of fun on our Roman day. We made a mosaic, looked at roman numerals, made a clay pot and a laurel-leaf -headdress.

Gateshead Stadium

We had lots of fun at Gateshead Stadium using their track to carry out our sprint and long distance running. We also tried our hardest at javelin and vortex throw.

Flower Dissection

This afternoon, we have been looking at the parts of a flowering plant. In our books we sketched our flower and labelled both the male and female parts.

Colourful Celery

In Science, we were looking at how plants transport water. We tried to prove that the stem is the part of the plant that transports water around it. We used a stick of celery and we put it in some coloured water. Two days later, we observed the inside of the celery...


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