Year 4

Year 4

Super Switches

As part of our electricity topic in Science, we used our knowledge of conductors and insulators to create switches that turn the lightbulbs on and off.

Expressing Emotion

In Year 4, we have been studying how artists can convey emotion through their work using expressions and colour. Can you guess which emotions we were trying to convey?

Super Adding!

In Year 4 this morning, we used counters to help us add together four digit numbers.

Editing Stations

In Year 4, the children today completed their stories based on the book I’ll take you to Mrs Cole. After completing their work, they visited each editing station to help edit and improve their writing. After each station, they had to stamp their passport to show where...

Religion in our local area

As part of our RE and local history topics, Years 3 & 4 were fortunate to be visited by Michael Glickman this morning, a local leader from Gateshead’s Jewish community. We looked at the different religious communities living in the Coatsworth Road area before...

Circuit fun!

As part of their unit on electricity, children in Year 4 have been investigating the difference between complete and incomplete circuits and discussing how electricity works. They had great fun this afternoon completing a range of circuit-based challenges!


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