Year 5

Year 5

5 Maple Projects

The children in 5 Maple were given the opportunity this afternoon to share their May Half Term homework projects with the rest of the class. Take a look at some of the amazing work we have done!

Year 5 Out of Line

Today Year 5 got to draw on the tables! In our unit on Statistics we have been learning about line graphs and today we created our own - on the desks! When we finished drawing we then interpreted each other’s graphs and answered challenging questions which tested our...

Y5 Centre for Life

Yesterday, Year 5 had a fantastic trip to the Centre for Life! We were able to explore all of the fantastic areas of the museum, as well as taking part in a fantastic workshop all about volcanoes!

Delicious Mayan Food!

Year 5 have been learning all about the Mayans, and before the Easter holidays we were lucky enough to taste some of the amazing food from their culture! We tried some tortilla wraps, some tortilla chips and...

Amazing animals!

Year 5 have been learning all about living things recently. Following a revision of how to classify animals, we looked more specifically at mammals today. We each found out one amazing mammal fact which we then shared with the...


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Head of Junior School: Mr M Thompson

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