Ethos and Values

We provide a carefully planned curriculum and well-structured environment in order to offer a high quality education that is broad, rich and exciting for all pupils.
By supporting and challenging every child we aim to help each of them to develop their individual skills and abilities to their full potential.

Kate Chisholm
Executive Head Teacher

British Values

Our broad, balanced and enriched curriculum promotes the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils, including actively promoting fundamental British values and challenging opinions and behaviours in school that are contrary to these values.

Our spiritual, moral, social and cultural development programme includes collective worship/assemblies, our strong school ethos and effective relationships throughout school, and the activities we provide beyond the classroom.

Our pupils are encouraged to regard people of all faiths, races and cultures with respect and tolerance.

Through this programme we promote the fundamental British values of;

  • Through cross curricular work, visits, visitors and discussion, we develop pupils’ broad general knowledge and respect for public institutions and services, including emergency services, magistrates
  • Pupils are taught how they can influence decision making through the democratic process. They are encouraged to become involved in decision making and we ensure their views are listened to through our range of pupils representatives – School Councillors, Eco-Warriors, UNICEF Ambassadors, Sports Crew, Buddies, Leading Parent Partnership pupil contributions and also  other general classroom roles of responsibility

Pupils’ views are also sought through Education Review Meetings and Pupil Questionnaires

  • Through cross curricular topics and themes we explore with pupils the advantages and disadvantages of democracy and how it works in Britain, including local history, periods in history when democracy was not as fully developed as present day
  • Visits are organised to democratic establishments e.g. Gateshead Civic Centre and pupils attend Citizenship Ceremonies and meetings of School Councils across the borough
  • Key Stage 2 pupils hold ‘mock elections’ and ‘debates’ to enable pupils to argue for and against to defend different points of view
  • Pupils are encouraged to express their views and opinions through a range of curriculum activities, speaking and listening skills being highly valued and promoted
  • Through our Behaviour Policy, Assemblies, Circle Times, UNICEF Rights Respecting School and SMSC activities we discuss injustice and perceived injustice and model and promote peaceful ways of addressing these
The Rule of Law
  • We ensure rules and expectations are fair and pupil views are heard by establishing, together with the pupils, our Playground, Classroom and School Charters
    We help pupils to distinguish right from wrong during everyday interactions and discussions of real situations, scenarios, stories, fables and other Literary materials
  • We encourage pupils to respect the law and the basis on which it is made, by showing how rules help everyone to interact and live together in an orderly, fair manner
  • We help pupils understand that that living under the rule of law protects individuals, including the vulnerable in society
  • We promote visits from Community Police Officers to the classroom and also to our annual Community Event, to meet the wider community
  • Our Behaviour Policy and approach and rewards and sanctions are centred on mutual respect for individuals and the school community as a whole and fairness and justice
Individual Liberty
  • We promote a strong anti-bullying culture through our Behaviour and Anti-Bullying policies and practice, alongside themed events such as Friendship Day and Anti-Bullying Week
  • We support pupils to develop their self-knowledge, self-awareness and self-confidence across all areas of school life
  • We encourage pupils to take responsibility for their behaviour, alongside knowing their rights, through our Unicef Rights Respecting School work
  • We promote E-Safety with pupils, staff, parents and governors
    A trained member of staff in each school leads the Kidsafe Programme with pupils, parents and staff
  • Through our SMSC curriculum, Assemblies and Rights Respecting School Work we challenge stereotypes and encourage pupils to do the same
Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those with different Faiths and Beliefs
  • We promote respect for individual differences across all areas of the curriculum
    Through our Religious Education and SMSC work we promote pupils’ understanding and respect for their own and other cultures

e.g. Assemblies, Chinese New Year, Divali, Chinese teachers working in school, International Teacher Exchange visits, Parent visits to classrooms

  • We actively participate in events in the community

e.g. Remembrance Service, Christmas Tree Light Events, Low Fell Fair

  • We support a range of local, national and international charities and promote Fair Trade and Traidcraft principles and events .Critical personal thinking skills and appreciation of the views and perspectives of others are promoted throughout the curriculum
  • Critical personal thinking skills and appreciation of the views and perspectives of others are promoted throughout the curriculum
  • Pupils visit a range of places of worship throughout their school life and resources are available in school to support and build on these experiences e.g. local church, synagogue, mosque to promote their understanding and respect for others
  • Prejudicial or discriminatory behaviour is challenged through our Behaviour Policy and practices, discussion of current events happening in school, locally, nationally and internationally and the use of other illustrative stories and materials

As a whole school community we are committed to ensuring our curriculum promotes the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils, alongside actively promoting fundamental British values.