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Key Stage 2 Assessment Results 2023 (Provisional)

Due to the changes in SATs, for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, information is now very different to what has been presented in the past. Levels have been removed and been replaced with an ‘Expected Standard’ to meet. This standard is represented by children achieving 100+ on a scaled score. Those children who achieve 110+ are identified as working to a ‘High Standard’. A school will publish the average scaled score in each subject to indicate the attainment of the group as a whole although children will receive their individual scores.

The progress measure for the year group indicates whether the children, collectively, have made progress ‘below’, ‘in line with’ or ‘above’ expectation. A positive progress score indicates above, a negative score indicates below and zero would indicate expected progress.

The provisional results below are what Oakfield Junior School achieved in 2023 and what the national results are for comparison purposes.

Schools Financial Benchmarking Comparison

Key Stage 2 2023

60 pupils – 7 Pupil Premium, 12 SEN (1 with EHCP), 2 EAL


OakfieldReading, Writing and MathsReadingWritingMathsSPaG
% at Expected Standard67.2%86.2%75.9%81.0%87.9%
% at Higher Standard5.2%39.7%6.9%34.5%41.4%
Average Scaled ScoreN/A107N/A106107
Progress ScoreN/AN/A


GatesheadReading, Writing and MathsReadingWritingMathsSPaG
% at Expected Standard63.1%76.9%72.8%75.9%75.7%
% at Higher Standard6.5%31.2%10.8%22.5%31.5%
Average Scaled ScoreN/A106N/A105106
Progress ScoreN/AN/A


NationalReading, Writing and MathsReadingWritingMathsSPaG
% at Expected Standard59.0%73.0%71.0%73.0%72.0%
% at Higher Standard8.0%28.9%13.6%23.9%30.0%
Average Scaled ScoreN/A105N/A104105
Progress ScoreN/AN/A

End of Key Stage 1 SATs Results

In compliance with legal requirements, records on each pupil are available for inspection by the Parent or Guardian concerned. Parents or Guardians receive an annual written Record of Achievement covering their child’s performance in the National Curriculum and normally, where applicable, the result of the Standard Assessment Tasks and Tests and other subjects at the end of the academic year.

Oakfield Infant and Junior Schools Federation
Oakfield Infant School
Data Summary – July 2019

End of Key Stage One Results 2019

Year Two

Reading 86% expected standard or above 31% greater depth
Writing 77.5% expected standard or above 15.5% greater depth
Maths 81% expected standard or above 31% greater depth

Phonics Screening Results 2019

Year One

85% at or above threshold

End of EYFS Results 2019


80% of children achieved a Good Level of Development