Sport at Oakfield

The National Curriculum for physical education aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • Develop confidence to excel in a broad range of physical activities.
  • Are physically active for sustained periods of time.
  • Engage in competitive sports and activities.
  • Lead healthy, active lives.

At Oakfield Infant and Junior Schools Federation, the children are taught gymnastics, athletics, games, dance and outdoor and adventurous activities (OAA). They develop personal confidence, and an appreciation of skilful and creative performance across these areas, which equips them with the experience in physical activity to continue through their life.

Pupils are encouraged to appreciate the importance of a healthy and fit body, and begin to understand those factors that affect health and fitness. This work is closely aligned with the school’s policy on health education.

Staff access a program of Continued Professional Development through the School Sport Co-ordinator Program, which is used to enhance their skills in delivering the subject to their own class.


It is an entitlement to provide each pupil with 2 hours of high quality physical activity within the curriculum per week, as well as extra-curricular opportunities which will contribute to the 30 minutes of daily physical activity as outlined in the Government’s obesity strategy.

Pupils will take part in one indoor and one outdoor lesson per week. The hall is programmed for indoor PE throughout the day and the yard or the field are used for outdoor PE, weather permitting.

Each of the 5 national curriculum areas is delivered in each year group, with a progression of skills being shown as the children progress through school. These include gymnastics, dance, games (including invasion, net and wall and striking and fielding), swimming, OAA and athletics. Swimming is taught in Year 4 where pupils attend a weekly 1 hour session for the whole year.

The PE lessons should be structured with a warm up, skill development and application, cool down. Each lesson should incorporate 4 aspects of learning:

  • Acquiring and developing skills.
  • Selecting and applying skills, tactics and compositional ideas.
  • Knowledge and understanding of fitness and health.
  • Evaluating and improving performance.

Safe Practice

All staff are made aware of the Baalpe Safe Practice in PE guidelines, LA Health and Safety guidelines as well as the School’s Health and Safety policy and risk assessments. When using off-site facilities, please refer to the Off-site visit guidelines.

Oakfield Sports Ethos

At Oakfield Infant and Junior Schools Federation we promote:

  • A healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Enjoyment of a wide range of physical activities both curricular and extra-curricular.
  • The development of skills in gymnastics, games, dance, OAA, athletics and swimming.
  • Participation in local sports and festivals.
  • PE opportunities through partnerships with local specialist and secondary schools.
  • Use of expert coaching for different aspects of the PE curriculum.
  • Engagement in competitive and co-operative physical activities.
  • Taking part in outdoor and adventurous challenges, both individually and as part of a team.
  • Self and peer assessment of children’s work within lessons to help themselves and others achieve their personal best.
PE Clothing

Children should be dressed appropriately for physical activity during all PE lessons. This includes:

  • Appropriate clothing (e.g. black shorts and a white t-shirt).
  • When children are taking part in gymnastics or dance, the activities should be done in bare feet or soft-soled gym shoes unless the activity involves high landings where trainers should be worn.
  • All jewellery must be removed for PE lessons.
  • Lost/forgotten kit – if pupils persistently forget kit, the class teacher should notify parents of this and seek their assistance to remedy the problem.
  • Long hair should be tied back.

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