Antarctic Assembly

On Tuesday 12th January at 09.30, we are very lucky to have access to an assembly given by James Linighan.

James is a research scientist from the University of Northumbria who is currently working in Antarctica. He is a glaciologist and he is using drones to measure the thickness of the ice on the continent. Some of the Oakfield school children have been learning about Antarctica and have sent some of their questions to James. This is the link to access the assembly from home:

Accessing the Live Encounter To access the Live Encounter, click on the Attendee Link above, or copy and paste it into a browser window. We suggest using Google Chrome if you have it installed. Although the Encounter will be streamed live at 0930, you can access and watch it after the event by clicking the same link. If you have Microsoft Teams installed on your computer the Teams App will open and you should be able to watch the Encounter there. Alternatively, you will be presented with this screen:

Click on “Watch on the web instead”. Then on the next screen it may ask you to log in, you don’t need to, just click ‘Join anonymously’

Don’t worry if you can’t access it on Tuesday morning as it will be available on YouTube in the near future. We will keep you posted….