Inspirational people for us all: Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin and Stormzy

As we continue our rocky ride into 2021 I wanted to share with you two people who have inspired me in recent weeks. Two people whose work can be linked to many of the values of the UN Children’s Rights Charter, which is so important to us at Oakfield.

The first is Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin, the first black female Bishop of Dover. A bishop is a Christian leader. Dover is a place on the south coast of England where many refugees including children first arrive in our country looking for safety and a better life.

Reverend Rose was a chaplain in the House of Commons too and even worked for the Queen. She also said prayers at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan! I did not know much about her until I heard her talking on the radio last week about the how important it is for people to work together for a better future.

While many of us are at home, if you get time, together with an adult, please try to find out more about Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin.
If you find some interesting facts, please send them to Mr Renwick email: [email protected]

Where is she from? What does she think about religion? Do you think she is inspiring? Which parts of the UNCRC do you think she supports?

The second person is someone who many of you will have heard of, Stormzy. Stormzy is a rapper/Grime artist from London who is determined to create positive role models for black boys and girls. Some of his songs have an inspiring pop vibe. Please listen to and watch the video linked below only. What do you think about Superheroes? Does it teach us anything? Does it help us understand the Black Life Matters Movement? Why is it an inspiring song?

Have a look at the UNCRC below. Can you link Superheroes to any of the articles?

From Mr Renwick